COVID-19 Update

Protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners is our top priority, and our hearts go out to all impacted by the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Below, please find the latest information for our customers, partners, and employees:

Essential Service

Today, Maryland’s Governor Hogan announced the closure of all non-essential businesses by 5 pm EST.

Our corporate headquarters in Baltimore is a critical infrastructure business and will continue to stay open. Across our additional offices in the United States and Canada, we will also remain open to support the critical supply chain needs of both countries.

Operations & Service

As of today, all businesses in the Thames family (Barcoding, Barcoding-Canada, Versatile Mobile Systems, and IntelliTrack) are open and conducting business daily. At times, we are experiencing some minor delays in the VMS location in Washington state due to a strictly enforced policy around sick, high-risk, and other symptomatic employees. Delays are measured in days, not weeks, if at all.

We have instituted a work from home policy for those able to do their job remotely. Employees are working with their direct supervisors and leveraging the power of technology like Microsoft Teams to stay productive. For those unable to work remotely, we are taking all necessary steps to keep our workspaces clean and healthy – following the WHO guidelines and encouraging handwashing. With the remote work policy, no office has more than 10 people per the CDC guidelines.

Only essential traveling is permitted and must be reviewed by our COVID-19 Response Team. All precautions are being taken.

Supply Chain

Along with our OEM and distribution partners, we are closely monitoring our supply chain, which was initially impacted by the coronavirus. Some OEMs have manufacturing facilities and suppliers in the affected areas of China were delayed in returning to business following the Chinese New Year.

Our partners have activated mitigation plans to ensure a smooth supply chain. However, given these unique circumstances, you may see a slight extension in lead times on some products. Our priority is to continue to minimize disruption for our customers and to do our part to mitigate the spread of the virus.

  • Placing orders early will help us communicate to our OEM partners.
  • Placing firm orders will allow us to prioritize projects appropriately.


Barcoding is monitoring the situation closely, and our leadership team has assumed the role of COVID-19 Response Team. We are communicating in real-time to assess the situation, guarantee employee safety, and provide guidance and support to all our stakeholders.

To help centralize communications, we ask that all employees, partners, and customers use the email address.

This team has also created a written Preparedness Plan shared internally that will be continuously updated as new information and policies are made available.

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