Over 25 years of barcode scanners...

Lifecycle Management for Rugged Mobile Devices

Versatile Mobile Systems knows rugged mobile hardware – we’ve been honing our expertise since 1993. Our customers choose us because we help their IT departments manage, repair, upgrade, and dispose of technology in the best way possible.

Circular Economy Services

We are committed to supporting sustainability initiatives and responsible end-of-life management and disposal for IT hardware. That's why, together with Barcoding, Inc., we are the right partner for your electronic technology from first use to last.

From Barcode Scanner Upgrades to End of Life

Your company uses mobile technology to collect the data that transforms your business. Let Versatile Mobile Systems help you manage that technology throughout the entire lifecycle of your mobile devices.

It just comes down to: what do you want to accomplish today?

VMS sustainabilityRent Barcode Scanners

Versatile Mobile Systems has the best barcode scanner and mobile computer rental program in the industry.

Whether you need to scale up during busy times or whether you have a one-time event, we have you covered.

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Repair Devices FOR REUSE

Since 1993, mobile device service and repair has been the core of our business. Back then, we were repairing old DOS bricks with wand scanners made by Telxon and Symbol. As the technology changed to built-in laser scanners and Windows Mobile operating systems, we also grew and changed. Several of our technicians started with the company back then, and they are still with us today.

Both Telxon and Symbol are gone, but we’re still here, repairing both legacy devices and servicing new devices. Whether you need to keep your aging fleet going for a couple more years, or you’re ready for a technology refresh, our team can keep you on the road.

Rapid Replacement Shipping

We offer same-day turnaround so there’s no waiting for your repairs. We’ll ship a pre-configured replacement device from your spares pool as soon as we receive your RMA device. Advance replacement is also available.

Track Everything Online

You will be able to track devices by serial number by location and get detailed repair reports to help you identify recurring trouble spots.

Upgrade to New Technology

We help companies of all sizes plan for a mobile device upgrade. We can help figure out TCO and ROI calculations, device pricing, trade-in allowances, software migration details, training, roll-out schedules, maintenance planning, and funding options.

Disposal of Old Equipment

End of Life Planning

Our device “end of life” plans enable Versatile Mobile Systems to remove the device from manufacturer contract coverage and to remove the device license from mobile device management.

As part of this retirement planning, we recommend conducting an annual review, prior to contract renewal, of devices that haven’t connected to MDM in over 6 months. We’ll use this data to guide our customers’ decisions regarding continuing support on those assets.

All in all, proper strategy and coordination around device retirement helps our customers tighten controls of asset management and save money by only paying for active devices.

Shutterstock_731239045 (1)Recycle & Dispose

We abide by a no landfill policy. With VMS (A Barcoding, Inc. Company) you have one source for all recycle and disposal needs. Through key partnerships, we wipe all software/data and responsibly dispose of electronic technology for you. Send it all to us, and we'll take care of it.

Rebates, Buy-backs & Trade-ins

Often our customers want to upgrade their mobile devices, but they don’t want to lose out on any opportunities with older equipment. Versatile Mobile Systems is expert in researching and recommending the right trade-in, rebate, buy-back, or consignment program. 

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