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Mobiquity®: The Field Sales Solution with Intelligent Ordering

Exceptional Customer Service is a Prized Commodity

Competition is tough, customers are demanding, and access to instant and accurate information defines the leaders.

Let’s face it, every business is looking for that competitive edge or that special sauce that makes them stand out from the crowd.  In a time when barriers to entry are low, margins are slim, and prospects and customers are inundated with promotions from all sides, exceptional customer service is a prized commodity.


The catch? To provide exceptional service, your field sales personnel must have access to up-to-date information.  They need to know what products are in and out of stock, current pricing and promotional allowances, shipping times, open invoices, outstanding balances, and so on so that they can make the best possible decisions in the field for your customers.

Arm Your Field Sales Personnel to Serve Your Customers


Mobiquity™ provides these capabilities and more. With Mobiquity™, your field sales personnel have instant access to everything they need to service your customers.

But there is much more. Not only do your customers benefit from better decision-making, your operation benefits are equally important. With Mobiquity™, your operational systems are updated in real-time as each new order is created.  This not only takes hours or days out of the fulfillment process, but it eliminates data entry errors, reduces administration costs and improves operational visibility, resulting in quicker and accurate customer delivers.

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Your business is unique and so is Mobiquity™.  We understand one size does not fit all.  Designed for organizations with at least 25 field sales associates, Mobiquity is simple to use while being smart and flexible enough to match your unique business needs.

Our easy-to-use solution immediately impacts your business:Our easy-to-use solution immediately impacts your business:

  • Increase Order accuracy and Sales Team Productivity
  • Shorten order fulfillment times
  • Pre-validate orders according to your business rules
  • Flexible ERP Integration

Proven technology, Mobiquity™ is adaptable to your needs:

  • Highly Scalable to thousands of field users
  • Real-time, Secure HTTP Communications
  • Web tier monitoring and reporting
  • Android or Windows Mobile OS

Your Sales Professionals and Customers Deserve the Best

Use Mobiquity™ to:

  • Increase Accuracy and Productivity
  • Shorten Order Fulfillment Times

High-level Mobiquity™ Features:High-level Mobiquity™ Features:

  • Intelligent Orders™ – Presales, Replenishment, Retail self-service
  • Multiple Catalog Types
  • Rules Based Order Validation, Transaction Types
  •  Pre-built Templates
  • Approved Product Lists, Chain Store Pricing
  • New Item Alerts, Discontinued Item Alerts
  • Order History, Item Level History
  • Historical Sales Trend Validation
  • Warehouse Availability

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Feature rich, Mobiquity™ supports the following functionality:

  • Import your Customer data from your current systems
  • Create multiple Customer Lists/Routes for your Sales Reps
  • Create Field Sales Routes or self-servicing Retail Routes
  • Complete Customer Information is always available
  • Import your Product data from your current systems
  • Create multiple Containers for each Product (single, case, pallet, etc.) with individual barcodes and Prices for each Container
  • Designate your preferred container for each Product
  • Supports all Order Types
    • Pre-sales
    • Replenishment
    • Pre-built templates
    • Returns
    • Credits
    • Custom
  • Barcode Scanner Enabled
  • Mobile order printing
  • Order cloning and filtering
  • Product pictures
  • Add Items by UPC or Item Number (SKU)
  • Templates create Orders with Customer’s most commonly ordered Items
  • Build-To Order function maintains desired on-shelf stock
  • Order History for each Customer
  • Rules based validation
  • Mobile Communications over a wide variety of Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Sales Orders can be transmitted to corporate at any time
  • Full Customer List and Product Catalog Updated on Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Application Updates keep all devices up to date
  • Access data on the Mobiquity Server from a Web Browser
  • See Sales Orders and Customer Lists
  • Great for Managers and Executives
  • Easy Data Exchange with your Enterprise Systems: Accounting, CRM, etc. via CSV or XML
  • Sales Order Data can be exported by a variety of triggers
  • Versatile or your IT Professionals can fully integrate Mobiquity™ Sell into your systems

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